Effects of Disasters
The emotional effects from loss or damage to homes, loss of family pets, and displacement from neighbors, friends, and support systems can cause unusual stress as people begin to rebuild their lives. Just as it can take months to rebuild damaged buildings, it takes time to grieve losses and rebuild lives.
Effects on Children
Children are especially vulnerable both during and after a disaster. Younger children may become clingy with parents, scared to sleep alone or show aggressive behaviors at home or school. Older youths may have delinquent behaviors, defiance, social withdrawal or decline in school performance. Children, as well as adults, need to express themselves. It is important to encourage all survivors to talk about their experience.
West Liberty Tornado Anniversary
The ceremony featured the launch of 51 heat-propelled remembrance lanterns into darkening, snowy skies. The first seven were white, representing the seven miles another tornado that struck Morgan County two days before the March 2 disaster traveled. The next 37 were blue, representing the 37 miles the March 2 tornado traveled. And the final seven were white, representing the seven victims, six of whom died during the storm and one who perished four days later. Read More
Worry Stones
Keep a stone in your pocket or somewhere nearby. When you start to worry or have uncomfortable thoughts about an event, you can hold the stone in your hand. Rubbing the stone between the thumb and forefinger is relaxing and can take worries away. Many people all over the world believe that rubbing the stone can relieve physical or emotional pain, anxiety, and stress.
After A Disaster
When a stressful event such as a natural disaster occurs, it can result in emotional and/or physical distress. Stress levels can increase to the point that normal coping skills needed for dealing with daily life become inadequate. The emotional and financial strain following a disaster can be overwhelming.

Morgan County Resources

Gateway Community Services (emergency food vouchers) (606) 743-3133
Food Stamps (606) 743-3127
Christian Social Services (Based in Elliott Co.) (606) 784-0062
United Methodist Mountain Mission (606) 743-1278
Good as Gold Consignment (606) 743-2268
Housing & Shelters
Gateway Community Services (emergency shelter, demolish & rebuild upon acceptance, low interest loans) (606) 743-3133
Section 8 HUD (606) 743-7028
Utility Assistance
Gateway Community Services (LIHEAP, weatherization) (606) 743-3133
Health & Medications
Gateway Community Services (prescription assistance) (606) 743-3133
KY Homeplace (prescription assistance, eyeglass, etc.) (606) 738-5927
Cabinet for Health & Family Services (606) 743-3158
Gateway District Health Department (606) 743-3744
Mountain Valley Taxi 1-888-807-2996
Educational Services
Gateway Head Start (606) 743-3133
Morgan County Adult Education (606) 743-1599
Family Resource/Youth Service Centers
Central High YSC (606) 743-8073
East Valley FRC (606) 522-8157
Middle School YSC (606) 743-8113
Wrigley Elementary FRC (606) 743-8357
Senior Services
Senior Citizens Center (606) 743-7695
Morgan Co. Senior Citizens (606) 743-9145
Crisis Services/Mental Health/Substance Abuse
Pathways Inc. (24 Hour Crisis Line, Counseling, Substance Abuse & Referrals) 1-800-562-8909
Disaster & Emergency Services
Project Recovery (Disaster Outreach & Support Services) 1-800-562-8909
Morgan Co. Emergency Management (Contact immediately following a disaster to report damage) (606) 495-5012
American Red Cross (606) 743-2296
Support Services & Referral Agencies
Project Recovery (Disaster Outreach & Support Services) 1-800-562-8909
Cabinet for Health & Family Services (606) 743-3127
Senior Care
Planning Your Doctor Visit Website
Search by Insurance for Geriatric Care Website
Medicare.gov: Forms, Help & Resources Website
Medicare Part D Coverage Website

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