Effects of Disasters
The emotional effects from loss or damage to homes, loss of family pets, and displacement from neighbors, friends, and support systems can cause unusual stress as people begin to rebuild their lives. Just as it can take months to rebuild damaged buildings, it takes time to grieve losses and rebuild lives.
Effects on Children
Children are especially vulnerable both during and after a disaster. Younger children may become clingy with parents, scared to sleep alone or show aggressive behaviors at home or school. Older youths may have delinquent behaviors, defiance, social withdrawal or decline in school performance. Children, as well as adults, need to express themselves. It is important to encourage all survivors to talk about their experience.
West Liberty Tornado Anniversary
The ceremony featured the launch of 51 heat-propelled remembrance lanterns into darkening, snowy skies. The first seven were white, representing the seven miles another tornado that struck Morgan County two days before the March 2 disaster traveled. The next 37 were blue, representing the 37 miles the March 2 tornado traveled. And the final seven were white, representing the seven victims, six of whom died during the storm and one who perished four days later. Read More
Worry Stones
Keep a stone in your pocket or somewhere nearby. When you start to worry or have uncomfortable thoughts about an event, you can hold the stone in your hand. Rubbing the stone between the thumb and forefinger is relaxing and can take worries away. Many people all over the world believe that rubbing the stone can relieve physical or emotional pain, anxiety, and stress.
After A Disaster
When a stressful event such as a natural disaster occurs, it can result in emotional and/or physical distress. Stress levels can increase to the point that normal coping skills needed for dealing with daily life become inadequate. The emotional and financial strain following a disaster can be overwhelming.


Downtown West Liberty in Morgan County

Demolished buildings in downtown West Liberty

Project Recovery team members at Founders Day Event in Salyersville

West Liberty tornado map showing the path and size of the tornado

Lanterns rise in the sky during a memorial marking the one year anniversary of the tornado that hit West Liberty

Residents of West Liberty release 51 memory lanterns on the one-year anniversary of tornadoes that hit their community

Bank of the Mountains provided a free BBQ dinner at the West Liberty memorial in Morgan County

Local residents release a lantern during the West Liberty memorial marking the one year anniversary of the tornadoes

West Liberty emergency first responders are recognized for their service at the memorial

A University of Kentucky themed community quilt that shows the devastation in West Liberty during the memorial

A community quilt that shows the devastation in West Liberty during the memorial

Close up of the community quilt that shows the devastation in West Liberty

The string along quilt ladies made over 100 quilts for tornado victims who lost everything

A memorial t-shirt marking the one year anniversary of the tornadoes that devastated West Liberty

The crowds enjoys local band More Than Country who performed during the memorial event

Project Recovery team member talking with participants in the West Liberty memorial event

Plans for the Morgan County Transit Facility were revealed at the anniversary event

Another memorial t-shirt marking the one year anniversary of the tornadoes that devastated West Liberty

West Liberty City in Morgan County

Project Recovery team member handing out information to the public

Three men were inside this garage when torandos hit Johnson County, all escaped uninjured

West Liberty City in Morgan County

Team member at Mountain Homeplace Haunted Trail

The remains of a church in downtown West Liberty

The Coping Skills Game teaches kids skills to deal with real life problems

West Liberty Recreation Center and football field in Morgan County

Project Recovery team member at safe trick or treak event in Johnson County

Motel in Magoffin County

Old Morgan County Courthouse in West Liberty

A house being repaired in Salyersville

Fallen road sign in Salyersville, Magoffin County

Project Recovery team members at the 34th Annual Founders Day Event

Destroyed home blown off its foundation in Collista, Johnson County

The remains of a house in Morgan County

Team members play games with children in group to teach social awareness skills

Children construct marshmallow towers to teach and build teamwork

A bank reopens in downtown West Liberty

West Liberty United Methodist Church plans to reopen

Workers repair a damaged roof in Morgan County

Leveled trees and the damaged Magoffin County Grade School

The Magoffin County Grade School being repaired

An abandoned home in Salyersville

Saint Luke Catholic Church in Salyersville will be rebuilding

Leveled trees on a hill in Collista, Johnson County

Newly rebuilt church in Collista, Johnson County


The Crisis Counseling Assistance and Training Program is funded by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) through the Robert T. Stafford Disaster Relief and Emergency Assistance Act. Crisis counseling programs aim to meet the short-term mental health needs of affected communities through counseling program, outreach, public education, training, and referral. The crisis counseling program has provided brief mental health services to millions of disaster survivors since its inception and has become an important model for response to a variety of catastrophic events.


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